Marble Care

Our marble platters are available in 4 sizes - Coasters, Medium, Large and Sharing. 

Heat Resistant

The marble platters and coasters are heat resistant up to 90°C, and are suitable for use as a trivet to place your hot pans onto. If the pan has food stains or oils on the base of the pan this can leave staining on your platter if this is not immediately cleaned. We recommend that the base of the pan is clean and dry before coming into contact with the marble. 

Food Safe

The sealant that we use to finish our marble products is certified food-safe for cold snacks.

If you are using the platter for food display purposes, we recommend placing the food onto greaseproof paper, a doily, or similar in order to protect the surface of the platter.

We recommend avoiding prolonged contact with highly acidic foods (such as sliced tomatoes or citrus fruits), as the acidity can affect the finish.


Marble is a heavy natural stone, and if dropped could cause injury. Take care when moving the coasters and platters, using two hands to safely support the weight of the product.

Marble is a durable stone but if dropped could break. A broken platter may have sharp edges, take care to dispose of a broken platter safely. If a heavy object is dropped onto the platter it is likely to cause the platter to break. 

Our marble platters and coasters are not toys, and are not intended for use by children. 

When a hot drink is placed on the marble coaster, the heat may occasionally create a vacuum, causing the coaster to lift with the mug. Take care to hold the edge of the coaster when lifting the mug to prevent this from happening.

Please note that any ribbons and stickers that belong to the platter may cause a choking hazard so please keep platters out of reach of children. 

In the rare occurrence that the cork backing breaks away from the platter, please dispose of any loose pieces as these may cause a choking hazard. 

Cleaning & Care

We recommend that you clean all marble platters before first use.

Our marble products are not dishwasher or microwave safe, and cannot be submerged in water due to their cork backing.

The surface of the platter can be cleaned using a sponge with dish soap and warm water, or an antibacterial spray and soft cloth.

The marble platters are not suitable to use in the microwave.

We do not recommend that you use our platters as a chopping board.

Our marble platters are not stain-proof, so heavy-staining food and drink such as beetroot, turmeric, coffee, red wine, and tomato-based sauces may stain.