A rustic horseshoe fire pit next to an outdoor seating area in a country garden.

The Story Behind Our Recycled Horseshoe Fire Pits...

We are excited to introduce you to our recycled horseshoe fire pits.


Our farm is home to magnificent horses who receive visits from our friendly farrier every six weeks. During these visits, their hooves are trimmed, manicured, and fitted with new shoes. These horseshoes, previously worn by some of the world's most beautiful animals, inspired us to create something even more special at The Humble Hare, and our Half-Moon Horseshoe Fire Pits were born!

Did you know many experts credit the ancient Romans with inventing horseshoes? They recognised the need to protect their equine companions' hooves during long journeys and battles. Over time, the art of blacksmithing evolved, and horseshoes became more specialised and tailored to different purposes, from racing to farming! Horseshoes not only offer hoof protection but also provide traction and stability for horses on various terrains. Today, horseshoes are a symbol of equestrian heritage and serve as a reminder of our enduring bond with these amazing creatures.

After six weeks of use, the horseshoes worn by our horses and ponies here at the farm have served their purpose. However, we knew we could do more with them. Our skilled craftsmen transform them into our stunning Half-Moon Fire Pits, which are both functional and decorative. These fire pits are perfect for chilly autumn and winter evenings, toasting marshmallows, or simply as eye-catching pieces in your outdoor space.

First, we carefully clean the horseshoes, making sure they shine and sparkle (they collect lots of grass and mud from the horse’s adventures!). Then, we carefully sort them by size to ensure a balanced design.

Three horseshoes placed on a welding bench, ready to be made into a recycled horseshoe fire pit.

Next, our talented blacksmith welds the horseshoes together, skilfully creating our beautiful Half-Moon Fire Pit shape. The next step is to add feet and handles made from spare horseshoes to make the fire pit easier to move, and creating a circular tray from sheet metal. This is placed under your horseshoe fire pit to catch the ashes as they fall, and will help to keep your surroundings clean and tidy while you enjoy a cosy fire!

A blacksmith welding recycled horseshoes to make a horseshoe fire pit.

Once the welding is done, the fire pit can be finished in two ways. We either apply a black heat-resistant paint for a sleek finish, or we can leave it uncoated, which allows for natural rusting to take place giving the fire pit an authentic rustic charm. As a final touch, we add a tag with important care and safety information, ensuring you have all the knowledge to enjoy your fire pit safely. And voila, you have a beautifully crafted horseshoe fire pit perfect for cosy gatherings!

A closeup image of a finished horseshoe fire pit, showing the black painted finish on the steel.

At The Humble Hare, sustainability is a top priority. We believe that it is not just a buzzword but a vital aspect of our mission statement. We acknowledge the impact of our actions on the environment and strive to minimise it.

To achieve our goal, we have adopted a circular product development approach, designing products that are not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and eco-friendly. We take every aspect of our production process into account, from the materials we use to how we package and transport our products.

Our recycled horseshoe fire pits re-use the horseshoes from our own stable yard, but we wanted to do more to reduce waste from other farms and yards too!  So we also offer a personalisation service for our horsey customers. They can save their horse or pony's shoes and send them to us to be incorporated into their fire pit's design, adding a personal touch and making the fire pit a truly unique keepsake.

Our recycled horseshoe fire pits are designed with both sustainability and beauty in mind. Created from what most would throw away, these fire pits add equestrian elegance to your outdoor space. Their unique design and sturdy construction ensure they can withstand time and weather.

Why not experience the beauty, functionality, and sustainability of our recycled horseshoe fire pits for yourself, and make a positive impact by reducing waste at the same time? Order now and transform your outdoor space into a cosy and stylish retreat!


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