Rustic Elegance: Marble Platters & Foraged Foliage for Your Christmas Table

Rustic Elegance: Marble Platters & Foraged Foliage for Your Christmas Table

The Christmas season invites us to transform our homes into warm, cosy spaces that reflect the spirit of the festivities. If you’d like to create a rustic country-style Christmas table, choosing natural foliage alongside our elegant marble platters will create a stunning and memorable setting for your gatherings.

Let's Begin...

Whether you're shaking out your best Christmas tablecloth, or leaving a beautiful wooden farmhouse table bare, the addition of a neutral toned table runner in a textured fabric helps to define the centre of the table, and will be the base of your country Christmas table centrepiece. 

Perfect Placemats

The show starts with our Large Marble Placemats. Rather than matching every place setting, why not add a personal touch and mix and match a Marble Placemat and Coaster Set? Let each family member choose the design that speaks to them, whether it's the majestic stag, the graceful hare, or the playful fox. It's a lovely way to make each place setting unique. After all, a beautifully set table isn't just about the décor; it's about the personal touches that make it uniquely yours. 

Complement each place setting with a matching Marble Coaster, and set with sparkling glassware and cutlery. We like to fold neutral cotton napkins next to each Marble Placemat to continue the rustic country theme. 

Forage for Foliage

Now that each place is set, let's continue with a sprinkle of Christmas magic from the garden! Venture into the garden or nearby hedgerows to gather winter foliage and berries. With a little trimming and arranging, snowberries, hawthorn berries, red cedar, and ivy transform into a beautiful rustic centrepiece. 

Gather the foliage together to run along the centre of the table for an abundant rustic country feel; Begin layering the evergreen foliage, allowing trailing ivy leaves to cascade over the edge of the table runner for that organic, wild look. Then tuck the berries throughout the arrangement, adding pops of vibrant colour against the lush greenery. Embrace asymmetry and let the foliage's natural shape guide your arrangement. You could also add pinecones, Christmas spices, or dried orange slices for an extra festive feel! As you arrange, step back, assess, and make adjustments until it feels like a harmonious woodland scene brought to life on your table. Candles nestled within the foliage centrepiece or delicate fairy lights create a cosy glow.

If you have a smaller table, or prefer a simpler look, arrange your foraged treasures in stem vases or rustic containers on top of a Marble Sharing Platter, forming a nature-inspired focal point at the heart of your table. Add a tealight lantern or two for that cosy ambience, and you have a stripped back centrepiece that still brings rustic festive elegance to your table.

The Finishing Touches

Let's add a few finishing touches... Infuse each place setting with woodland charm by threading small sprigs of the evergreen foliage or ivy you collected through your napkin rings. Last but not least, add a name card so everyone knows where to find their seat. We suggest keeping it simple with handwritten cards in a complementary colour (we've written ours in silver ink for a little extra Christmas sparkle!).

Welcome your guests with nibbles served on our Marble Sharing Platters. It's the perfect start to the evening. Encourage everyone to dig in and enjoy, it's all about that cosy, shared experience that makes this season so special.

So, as you deck those halls and set that table, infuse it with love, laughter, and all the joy this season brings. Here's to a table that not only looks amazing but feels like home—warm, inviting, and full of happy memories! Cheers to a fantastic Christmas gathering!

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