A bookmark card turned over to show the bookmark part, ready to be cut out and threaded with ribbon as a gift.

Upcycling Our Greetings Cards: Unleash Your Creativity

Greetings cards have always held a special place in our hearts as a wonderful way to express love, warmth, and good wishes. After the celebrations have ended, and the decorations have been taken down, our collection of beautiful greetings cards can be transformed into versatile treasures...

Sentiments on Display: Framing Your Cards as Wall Art

Transform your favourite cards into wall art by framing them! Whether you're placing the print on a bedside table, or decorating the walls of your living space, these framed mini prints become beautiful art pieces to decorate your home. Choose a rustic wood frame for a traditional countryside home interior, or go simple with a plain white frame for a modern feel. Our cute watercolour animal cards suit any style, from a country farmhouse kitchen, to a modern nursery or kids' playroom.

Bookmark Cards: A Card and Gift in One! 

Our specially designed bookmark cards include a lovely little gift for the recipient, especially for the bookworms in your life! Beyond the initial joy of receiving warm wishes, these cards offer a practical twist. With a simple cut along the dotted line, a punch of a hole at the top, and the addition of a pretty ribbon, the card transforms into a beautiful bookmark.

Now, your greetings card becomes a gift that keeps on giving. As your friend or loved one uses the bookmark, they are reminded of the thoughtful gesture that accompanied it. Even better, if you send them a set of our marble coasters along with the card, they can use the luxurious blue ribbon from the coaster packaging as the finishing touch for their new bookmark!

A bookmark card shown with the bookmark part cut out, threaded with the luxurious blue ribbon from our coaster sets.


Upcycled Art Projects: Breathing New Life into Old Cards

You can also extend the life of your greeting cards through creative upcycling projects. Rather than allowing them to gather dust in drawers, repurpose your cards in imaginative ways. Bring out your inner artist by incorporating them into collages or scrapbooks. Create unique gift tags by cutting around the animal characters, or even craft paper ornaments to decorate for special occasions!

By upcycling, you not only contribute to reducing waste but also infuse a sense of creativity into the process. These transformed creations become a testament to your ingenuity, giving old cards new life in unexpected and delightful ways. Each upcycled project becomes a unique expression of your personality, making it a joy both to create and to share with others.

Your greetings card's journey doesn't end with the exchange of warm wishes. Instead, it unfolds into a world of endless possibilities. From framing cards as sweet little prints, to turning them into functional bookmarks and engaging in imaginative upcycling, our greeting cards become the seeds of creativity and lasting memories. So, the next time you hold a Humble Hare greetings card in your hands, enjoy unleashing your creativity!

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