A cheeseboard being prepared on a selection of our multipurpose marble platters.

An Insight into the Beauty of Our Natural Marble Stone

At The Humble Hare we are proud that all our multipurpose marble platters are handcrafted right here on our family farm in the Essex countryside!  
Marble has been used decoratively for over five thousand years, and with good reason: it is one of Earth’s most beautiful rock formations and has one of the widest variety of colours and patterns of any natural stone. Marble forms when limestone deep in the Earth is subjected to intense heat and pressure, causing the minerals to grow larger and fuse together forming calcite crystals. Other minerals such as iron oxide or clay minerals layered in the limestone create various colours and markings within the marble.   

The natural marble that forms the base of every platter and coaster we produce has beautiful variations in colour and markings, including veins, freckles, divots and tumbled edges. Every piece of marble we use to make our platters is one-of-a-kind, and this makes the platter or coaster that you receive totally unique! Read on to see some of these beautiful variations and learn more about them… 


Marble Veins

You may see lines running through your platter and think that your lovely new purchase has a crack! Please don’t worry, marble is a natural stone and most of our platters have marble veins running through them. Marble veins are caused by layers of minerals within the limestone when it is transformed into marble under high pressure and heat within the Earth’s crust. We love that Mother Earth is part of the team here at The Humble Hare! 

The veins vary in size, colour, and distribution throughout the marble, from thinner dark lines to wider veins of quartz crystal. Marble veins are a part of our platters and make each piece special, they do not affect the integrity of the stone. Sometimes the veins line up with the designs in ways that enhance the piece even further. 

Two marble platters showing examples of the veins that occur in natural marble stone.

Colour Variations

The type of marble we make our platters from has many beautiful variations, including subtle differences in colour. The colours are caused by mineral deposits such as iron, graphite, or serpentine when the marble was formed in the Earth. Our marble varies from pale cream to beige, grey or even pink tones! You can see some of the gorgeous colour variations below!  

Three marble platters showing the colour variations found in marble, from light cream, to beige, to grey. 


You may see rounded ‘freckle’-like marks in the marble, these are another natural variation and provide a beautiful texture to the stone. Freckles can be found in all sizes and shapes, and even vary in colour, ranging from cream to brown, black, orange or pinky tones depending on the minerals present when the marble was formed. 

Three marble platters showing the different sized freckle markings that occur in natural marble stone.

Divots or Indents

Our marble platters have a rustic design, and the surface of the marble may not be completely smooth. This is perfectly normal and adds charming unique features to your handmade product.  

A marble platter showing a large divot on the top edge. 

Missing Cornes & Wobbly Edges

The edges of the marble platters and coasters will often vary with rounded corners and tumbled wobbly edges. This is a design feature we have chosen for a lovely rustic finish. We love that our marble platters complement a traditional country farmhouse style interior: a little wonky and full of character!  

A marble platter with our characteristic wonky edges and round corners.


Our marble platters are handcrafted by a fantastic team of makers, meaning that the finish of each piece may vary depending on which team member has made it with love especially for you. With proper care your marble platter can be preserved and appreciated for years to come. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about marble, and treasure the variations that make your marble platter or coaster totally unique and special. 


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